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Among the most popular, beloved and revisited desserts we certainly find the famous tiramisu . The tiramisu is the sweet Italian par excellence, its success is given by the simplicity of the ingredients that compose it making it a real delight for the palate.

If you find yourself in Treviso and its surroundings and want to taste the real tiramisu, where they saw it was born, you will surely make a stop in Le Beccherie, a historic restaurant in Piazza Ancillotto, in the center of Treviso.

The history of Tiramisu dates back to the 1950s, when Alba Campeol, owner of the local historic Le Beccherie di Treviso, was waiting for his son Carlo. Without Forces, she was helped by her mother-in-law that prepared her the so-called "sbiatutìn" in a Treviso dialect, a substantial breakfast of zabaione and coffee, which allowed her to face her days full of energies.

Once back into the restaurant's kitchen, Alba Campool wanted to propose a sweet-inspired dessert that prepared her mother-in-law, and, together with the then pastry chef of the room they began to experiment with the combinations that gave life between 1971 and 1972 at the famous Tiramisu.

The fame of this dessert wrote most of the culinary history made in Italy, so much so that the word "tiramisù" is located in fifth place among the words of Italian cuisine best known abroad. It is proposed in lots of variants, in the cup, monoportion, in slice, broken down but if you want to savor the original version of the tiramisu you must go to Treviso to the restaurant Le Beccherie.

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